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Welcome to the website of the Chartered Accountants Regulatory Board, a body established by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland to regulate its members, in accordance with the provisions of the Institute's Bye-laws, independently, openly and in the public interest.

The Chartered Accountants Regulatory Board is responsible for developing Standards of Professional Conduct and supervising the compliance of members, member firms, affiliates and students.

This site includes information and guidance on the Board, its committees and functions.

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Anti-Money Laundering (UK)
HM Treasury has issued an advisory notice regarding the risks posed by unsatisfactory money laundering and terrorist financing controls in a number of jurisdictions.
Amendments to the CARB Regulations
The CARB Regulations are to be amended with effect from 25 March 2015.
Insolvency Service (GB) Annual Report
The Insolvency Service (GB) has published the 2014 Annual Review of Insolvency Practitioner Regulation.
SIP 2B A Liquidator’s Investigation into the affairs of an Insolvent Company – ROI
SIP 2B A Liquidator’s Investigation into the affairs of an Insolvent Company – ROI has recently been revised and is effective for assignments commencing on or after Monday, 16th March 2015.
Update on proposals for reform of the Disciplinary Process
Following a lengthy review and consultation process, CARB has issued a paper in relation to proposals for reform of the disciplinary process.

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